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DNT's Own Justine Schaff -A New York VIP

Justine Schaff is one of the co-owners of Dream Nurse Travel. This past spring she was recognized as one of the 20 Outstanding Women You Should Know in New York.

Justine fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor by going to Temple University Medical School. She did her 4 year residency in Oakland, CA and is now currently an emergency medicine attending at Cayuga Medical Center.

In 2004, Justine joined the board of the Ithaca Health Alliance, whose specific goal was opening a multi-disciplinary free clinic. In 2005 the Ithaca Free Clinic opened its doors to all. In her spare time, Justine volunteers at the clinic.

Justine is one amazing woman. We at Dream Nurse Travel are so proud of her and delighted that she received this special recognition. She truly deserved it.


Dream Nurse Travel's New Website

We just recently redesigned our Dream Nurse Travel Website to make navigation easier.

If you would like information about us or a specific position just fill out the "Contact" form.

If you'd like to apply for a specific job opening, click on "Jobs," scroll down to find your position and click "Apply."

If you want to be proactive and begin filling out an application before the position you'd like opens, feel free to click on the "Apply Now" on the top left of the home page.

We also included a bunch of helpful links that will take you to places like NYSNA and Continuing Ed opportunities.

Stop by and leave us a comment using the "Contact" form and tell us what you think.


Accelerated BSN Programs

photo by jannoon028

Have you ever looked into Accelerated BSN Programs?

BestNursingDegree.com has a list of all of the colleges that offer the program.

"An Accelerated second degree BSN program is a full time commitment. What you are essentially trying to do is compress four years of full time nursing school into an average of about 15 months."

Have you taken one of these programs or know of someone who has? What are the pros and cons?