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NYONE Conference

On November 6th and 7th Dream Nurse Travel headed down to Tarrytown, NY to participate in the annual NYONE conference. 

"NYONE is the professional organization for nurses who design, faciltate, influence, and manage healthcare services in New York State."

We had a wonderful time meeting nurses from all over the state.

We even gave away a free iPad at our Meet and Greet

Visit the NYONE Home page to learn more about the organization and to become a member.


10 Super Cool Nursing Jobs

Syndicated from Nursing Schools
Photo by Bernie Condon

Did you ever think about all the places your nursing degree could be used? The plethera of opportunities is astounding.

1.Holistic Nursing. Holistic nursing focuses on healing the whole person, not just what ails them.

2. Nursing Informatics. Nurses who take this path will combine their knowledge of efficient and conscientious patient care with the latest technologies, enabling them to more effectively care for those in a medical facility, manage records and even reduce some of the most common errors.

3. Forensic Nursing. Forensic nurses must not only access patients and help treat injuries, but must also look for any signs that a crime has been committed and collect any evidence that may be found on the body of the perpetrator or victims.

4. Parish Nursing. Parish nurses generally choose to work in a community of faith, such as a church, temple or other religious institution. Within this group, they work with members to not only improve their physical health, but their spiritual well-being as well.

5. Cruise Ship Nurse. These health care professionals work to help ensure the safety and well-being of passengers aboard a cruise ship.

6. Hyperbaric Nursing. Also called baromedical nurses, this branch of nursing focuses on treating patients within a hyperbaric or decompression chamber. This is one of the most challenging and sometimes intimidating fields of nursing,

7. Oil Rig Nurse.Nurses who want to pursue this kind of career will be entering a highly competitive and sometimes stressful career, but one that can be rewarding personally and financially.

8. Flight Nurse. These nurses get additional training to work with patients who are in transport aboard a medical helicopter or aircraft. Nurses in this field must be able to work under a stressful situation, helping maintain patient stability and life with limited supplies and while in-flight.

9. Medical Esthetics Nurse. Nurses who work in medical esthetics will work with clients to perform procedures like chemical peels, botox, collegen injections, laser therapy and spider vein treatments.

10. Insurance Nursing. For nurses who enjoy working directly with patients, this may not be the best career choice but for those who also have a passion for business, insurance nursing can be an amazing way to use their expertise.