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It's Flu Shot Season

photo by Stefano Valle

Flu shot time is in full swing. This year there is no need to panic. Experts say that there is plenty of the vaccine to go around. Plus, as an added bonus, this years flu shot is combined with the H1N1 vaccine. Last year, those of us that were able to get the shot had to get 2 separate doses, the normal flu and then the H1N1.

The ACIP says that EVERYONE over 6 months of age should receive yearly flu vaccinations.

There are 3 choices of the flu vaccine this year. There is the traditional inactivated shot. The live attenuated flu vaccine or the new high dose vaccine for people ages 65 and over. The flu mist is not for pregnant women.

Over at
Medscape.com there is a great video that explains what each vaccine contains. If you are unsure which shot you should receive please ask your physician. advice.


Nurse Volunteers-Ithaca Free Clinic

The Ithaca Health Alliance opened the Ithaca Free Clinic in 2005. It is the only free clinic for the uninsured in Tompkins County.

It is our mission to facilitate access to health care for all with a focus on the needs of the uninsured. At Ithaca Free Clinic we offer 100% free conventional and holistic healthcare services for anyone without health insurance.

The clinic sees patients two days a week:

Mondays from 2-6 pm
Thursdays from 4-8 pm

Tuesdays 3-7 p.m. — Therapeutic services only, appointments required.
Call 607-330-1254.

Both Kansas & Justine, two of the founders of Dream Nurse Travel, volunteer at the clinic and invite you to join in the spirit of volunteerism!!!

Prospective volunteers are asked to fill out the Ithaca Health Alliance volunteer application to provide us with information about how to contact you and let us know about your areas of interest.


Bed Bugs

So we all know that they are gross but, they really are causing quite a problem these days. More and more people are getting bit by these little beasts. Which means, many of you may encounter patients with these lesions.

An application for iphones that has pictures of different bugs and what their bites look like is now available. Wow, who would have thought! A review of that application can be found over at imedical apps. "Bedbugs ‘n Things is a great reference tool for skin lesions that are caused by insect bites". This application seems like it could be extremely handy.

"But, bedbugs, despite the ick factor, are clean". The New York Times has a great article explaining how bedbugs were virtually non existent for 40 years, ie DDT and other pesticides and then in the 90's they came back with a vengeance and now they are trying to take over the world.

Helpful hint, check second hand articles carefully, we still want to buy second hand because it REALLY does help the environment but, do look items over thoroughly and check mattresses at hotels.


Medical Opinion vs. Personal Opinion

Many times, as nurses, we are asked to give our opinion in certain situations. Do we think certain procedures are necessary? Would we be taking these risks if the person in the bed was a member of our family? As nurses, we can be put into very difficult situations. Our thoughts and feelings about a specific practice may differ from protocol.

What do we do during those times? Do we give our medical opinion or do we give our personal opinion. Sometimes it is a hard call.

Over atworkingnurse.com there is an article that discusses this very subject.

We don't always like being put on the spot but, as nurses we are there for the patient and nothing else.

What are your thoughts?


Obesity in the US

Adult Obesity in the United States is not a new issue. The stats that are out there are scary. "Wide sections of the Southeast, Appalachia, and some tribal lands in the West and Northern Plains have the nation's highest rates of obesity and diabetes. In many counties in those regions, rates of diagnosed diabetes exceed 10 percent and obesity prevalence is more than 30 percent." Statistic found over at the CDC obesity web page

Also, "the prevalence of childhood obesity in the U.S. has more than tripled over the past three decades and remains high regardless of the age, sex, race and ethnicity and socioeconomic standing." Statistic from Medpage today on childhood obesity.

This free webinar is offered over at Nurse.com has a goal to familiarize nurses with the growing epidemic of obesity among adults in the United States. The course takes about 1 hour.



These are some workshops that are in Syracuse. Everybody always needs more credits to keep their license up to date.
So, check these out. They sound super interesting!

Brain Injury Basics
Brian Rieger, Ph.D. the Director of Rehabilitation Psychology at SUNY Upstate Medical University will discuss the Basics of Brain Injury
Date(s): 11/2/10
Time(s): 6:00am to 8:00pm
Exceptional Family Resources
1820 Lemoyne Ave
Syracuse, NY 13208
For more information, contact Sue Wegman at 315-478-1462 ext 327 or email swegman@contactefr.org or visit http://www.enablecny.org/.
Found on this website

This other one is organized by the NYSNA
Date: Nov 16... Registration deadline Nov 5th
Team Building Basics:
Nurses will enhance their interpersonal skills and gain an understanding of how to deal effectively with difficult personality styles in the workplace through the use of scenarios and role-play.
Van Duyn Home and Hospital, 5075 W. Seneca Tpke., Syracuse, NY

This one was found on this website. Check it out for more info.

If anyone ever hears of good workshops/conferences please let us know!


Sharing Stories

If anyone has any stories, tips, articles or anything interesting that they would like to share on this blog, let me know.

We would love to have guest authors or just email me and I can share the information for you.


Why Are You A Nurse?

I read this great article over at AllNurses.com. There are so many hard, challenging days in the life of a nurse but, when you have that one great day or even that one great minute, it makes all the difference.
Why you work the long hours you do or why you deal with less than perfect patients.

Nursing is such a rewarding career. Those who the profession is meant for know this and at the end of the day are proud to call themselves a nurse!

Great Things

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