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Volunteering at Free Clinics

photo by koratmember

We are on the brink of flu season and your volunteer work is going to be greatly appreciated.

Most free clinics would not be able to successful operate without the help of volunteers. Typically only 1-2 individuals are paid employees and the rest of the staff is generated from generous doctors and nurses.

Even if you are only able to offer a few days a month, we urge you to do so. We encourage you to call your local free clinic and volunteer your services.

Free Medical Camps has a list of many of the free clinics in the US. Give one a call.


6 super nurse powers I wish I had

Syndicated from Scrubsmag.com July 1, 2011

If you could have a super power at work, what would you want? Here are some ideas of what I would want!

■A Super Bladder–Able to hold all bodily functions for at least 14 hours (without pain!).

■“Vein” Ray Vision–No more palpating! No more multiple sticks! My super eyes can see the best vein on the first try!

■Cloning–the ability to actually be in more than one place at one time (including the break room and bathroom!)

■Mind Reading–yes, Doctor so-and-so, of course I can read your mind and know that you meant to order Zosyn instead of Zithromax.

■Go Go Gadget Arms–you know when that extra piece of tape or blood tube is just a smidge out of reach? Well, G0 Go Gadget arms expand to whatever length you need. (Go Go Gadget legs would be good for us shorter nurses as well…)

■Nurse Midas–Instead of turning everything into gold, the power to turn disgusting smells into lovely fragrances, terrible hospital coffee into a name brand cappuccino, cafeteria food into 4-star cuisine and full hospital beds into empty ones.

What would be your nurse super powers?


Allergy Relief

Your fall allergies have probably already begun for you and if they haven't they are on the horizon. Allergies can be extremely debilitating, which can make life very difficult if you are in a profession where other's needs come before yours.

There are so many different "remedies" out there these days.

Over the counter:

Natural Remedies:


What works for you and what doesn't?


Try Running a 5K

photo by Federico Stevanin
Syndicated from Nurse Together by Alice Burron

This summer, I strongly encourage you to try to run a 5K race (about 3 miles). These races are a great way to get in shape, help a good cause, and increase your self-esteem. The running routes often go through parks, mountains and hills, or along bike paths that may introduce you to new places to walk, run or bike. During and after the race, you typically receive food and drink support and enormous encouragement, and maybe even a cool t-shirt!

If you have never run a 5K race before, gaining the courage to embark will be half the battle. Once you have made the mental commitment, all you have to do is begin training. I have designed a walk/run program that will help you go from not running at all, to being able to run a whole 5K in 10 weeks. If you have not been exercising regularly, you may want to see your physician to get the go-ahead.

To prevent injury, be sure to stretch five minutes before and after each workout, wear shoes made for running and that are well-fit for your feet, and stay well hydrated. Good luck, and I would love to hear your success stories!

Key: 5’w = 5 minutes of walking, 5’r = 5 minutes of running.