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Family Presence During Resuscitation

Syndicated from Medscape.com 12/30/2010

The benefits of family presence (FP) during resuscitation are well documented in the literature, and it is becoming an accepted practice in many hospitals. Healthcare provider (HCP) and family attitudes and beliefs about FP during resuscitation have been the subjects of many investigations.

Previous research suggests that the perceived benefits of FP during resuscitation are:

•Enhanced family understanding of the patient's condition
•Opportunities for family members to support the patient or obtain closure in the case of death
•Family appreciation of resuscitation efforts
•Staff attention to the "personhood" of the patient
•Enhanced professional behavior among staff members; and
•A more holistic approach to care.

The perceived concerns and risks associated with FP include:

•Potential emotional trauma to the family
•Fear that family members will interfere with care
•Provider performance anxiety associated with "being watched" by family members
•Impaired team communication; and
•Family misinterpretation of resuscitation activities.

What are your feelings? Are you comfortable when the family is in the room?

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