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Top 10 Annoying Things Doctors Do

Syndicated from GirlVet over at madness-tales of an ER nurse

And here it is the 15th annual top ten annoying things doctors do:

1) Write a nursing communication order: Give patient water. Give them water yourself you ^#^$^$!

2) Order a tap water enema at all, but especially on someone over 80. Could your grandma hold that you @*&#^#^?

3) Orthostatic vital signs.

4) Order some tests, then an hour later more tests, an hour later more tests...just admit the damn patient!

5) Come to the nursing area and ask: "Who has so and so?" Look on the computer - all of our names are there next to the patients we have. $@$#$5!

6) Order a banana bag on every frickin' drunk who comes in. Yeah, thats really gonna prevent problems on someone who is .4 daily.

7) Urine tox. Stupid. Waste of time.

8) When we have a critical patient, have us try an IV ten times, rather than do a central line.

9) Sign up for the patient and then don't see them for an hour.

10) Avoid confrontation by giving out unnecessary narcotic prescriptions.

Feel free to add your own.

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