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July 4th = A Busy ER

Photo by tungphoto

Syndicated from Scrubs
June 30th

"The U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission estimates that in 2009 there were approximately 9,000 fireworks-related injuries, with well over half occurring on or around the Fourth of July."

The Firework Fanatic:

"If you’re working in the ER this Fourth of July, don’t be surprised to see hands with missing fingers, since fireworks that prematurely detonate in someone’s hand can take out a finger or two.

Also common are eye injuries in children, since children are often at the same eye level as the fireworks their parents are holding in their hands and setting off.

Another common injury is damage to eardrums from being too close to fireworks. You could see a few cases of temporary deafness, but hopefully no cases of permanent damage."

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