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Bed Bugs

So we all know that they are gross but, they really are causing quite a problem these days. More and more people are getting bit by these little beasts. Which means, many of you may encounter patients with these lesions.

An application for iphones that has pictures of different bugs and what their bites look like is now available. Wow, who would have thought! A review of that application can be found over at imedical apps. "Bedbugs ‘n Things is a great reference tool for skin lesions that are caused by insect bites". This application seems like it could be extremely handy.

"But, bedbugs, despite the ick factor, are clean". The New York Times has a great article explaining how bedbugs were virtually non existent for 40 years, ie DDT and other pesticides and then in the 90's they came back with a vengeance and now they are trying to take over the world.

Helpful hint, check second hand articles carefully, we still want to buy second hand because it REALLY does help the environment but, do look items over thoroughly and check mattresses at hotels.

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