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It's Flu Shot Season

photo by Stefano Valle

Flu shot time is in full swing. This year there is no need to panic. Experts say that there is plenty of the vaccine to go around. Plus, as an added bonus, this years flu shot is combined with the H1N1 vaccine. Last year, those of us that were able to get the shot had to get 2 separate doses, the normal flu and then the H1N1.

The ACIP says that EVERYONE over 6 months of age should receive yearly flu vaccinations.

There are 3 choices of the flu vaccine this year. There is the traditional inactivated shot. The live attenuated flu vaccine or the new high dose vaccine for people ages 65 and over. The flu mist is not for pregnant women.

Over at
Medscape.com there is a great video that explains what each vaccine contains. If you are unsure which shot you should receive please ask your physician. advice.

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