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Can Nurses Refuse Doctors Orders?

Sydicated from Emergency Room Nurse by Girlvet on April 11,2011

Girlvet is an amazing ER nurse and she asks this question and tells her story:

Can a nurse refuse to carry out a doctors order?

I am getting to the point of no return on an issue. The issue is giving narcotics to people are know drug seekers. They are the people who come to the ER every one to two weeks with some pain complaint, have documented drug seeking behavior and are still given narcotics. This happened this past week with a patient of mine. I am beginning to feel really uncomfortable with it. To the point where I am going to make a stink about it.

Doctors hate these patients just like we do. Many times they will placate them so they will leave. They don't want to have a confrontation. They put the nurse in the position of having to carry out something that is unethical. We continue to enable the patient to keep coming back for more. I am tired of being put in this position. I'm going to bring it to the management. I'll let you know what happens.

Your thoughts on this issue? Have you ever refused a doctors order?

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Anonymous said...

you need to quit your profession. 1) drug seeking behavior is not saying the patient doesnt have pain. your job as a nurse is to treat that person without prejud
2) you "hate" these patients? you nee to stop being an RN and become a cop or something youve forgoten your place