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S-CUT. Getting patients clothes off Pronto.

No, we were not paid to advertise this product. It is just super cool.

When you are met with a patient who needs to have their clothes removed as fast as possible, sometimes scissors don't "cut" it. Ha that's funny, scissors "cut."

Anyway, this S-CUT can make removing clothes a snap. No need to move the patient around.

According to their website:
S-CUT replaces scissors, knifes and similar tools. Ordinary fabrics as well as leather belts, zippers and heavy outerwear can be easily cut. All you need is a free edge of the clothes where you can start the cut.

S-CUT is designed for optimal ergonomics and provides an excellent grip. Using scissors in heavy materials will most often require a lot of effort. The S-CUT is used with a pulling action requiring minimal effort


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