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Annie, Annie are you okay?

Many of us have asked this question while taking a CPR class. And yes, it is still very important to ask this question before administering CPR. One wouldn't want to begin chest compressions on an individual who merely resting. However, the American Heart Association (AHA) has changed their recommended order for the CPR procedure.

The A, B, C,'s (Airway, Breathing, Compressions) protocol has now been changed to C, A, B (Compressions, Airway, Breathing).

When a person becomes unresponsive, their lungs will still contain some oxygen. So, by beginning CPR with chest compressions you are able to get oxygen to the brain about 30 seconds faster than if you preformed the older A, B, C version.

The AHA also recommends that compressions are at a rate of 100/minute. On adults the compressions should be about 2 inches deep and on children they should be about 1.5 inches deep.

American Heart Association has a complete list of the guidelines on their home page.

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