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10 Possible Interview Questions for Travel Nurses

If you are wondering what questions you may be asked on a phone interview, here are some of the possibilities.

1) How long have you worked in your area of specialty?

2) How long have you been a traveler?

3) Our orientation process is only a few days long, which really orients you to the floor. Are you comfortable with this?

4) What do you feel you are the strongest in(expertise..ex: cardiac)?

5) Where do you feel you are weakest?

6) Are you comfortable with taking a large assignment. At times we may be very short staffed and we may need you to take on a strong assignment.

7) When are you available to work?

8) Do you have a problem with weekends and nights?

9) Do you have any questions for me? This is a good time to ask details about the unit. If the participate in team nursing/ pt to nurse ratio. Total number of nurses that work on each shift. Who are your resources.. etc..

10) When is the soonest you can start?

Feel free to share other possible questions.

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