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RNs Conducting the Invasive Body Scans

There are many opinions about the pros and cons concerning the new airport body scanners and body searches.

The scans themselves aren't very powerful, thus they only penetrate through a layer of clothes. The image that arises from the scan is basically a fuzzy nude photo of the individual.

If you choose not to be scanned, you will be subjected to an invasive, enhanced pat down by a security guard of the same sex.

Over at
AZ Central there is an article discussing the idea of using retired RNs, LPNs, med techs, etc to conduct these. Currently the scans and pat downs are ran by Transportation Security Administrator's (TSAs).

Would you feel better about having medical professionals conduct these scans? What are your opinions of the scans in general?

Some of you may be subjected to these scans/searches if you plan on flying this holiday season.
CNN.com has a list of these airports.
Tell us what you think!

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