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Our Patients Deserve....Nurses that are PRESENT

Photographer: healingdream

We all know that without nurses, hospitals could never manage efficiently. Nurses are the backbones of the whole establishment.

However, without patients there also would be no hospital. Most of the time, patients come to us when they are at their most vulnerable.

Every one of us has been a patient at one time or another. And, as a patient we deserve to have certain needs met.

There is an article over at
Nurse Together that lists a few needs of patients:

1. Help the patient to feel human.

2. Empower the patient.

3. Ease the patients fear.

4. Treat all patients with respect.

These are all very important needs, however, the most substantial need of any patient is TIME with a nurse that is PRESENT.

When spending time with patients, nurses need to be present, both in body and mind. Patients truly deserve this. If a nurse is preoccupied by something else and not entirely focused on the patient it is always extremely obvious.

Even if our schedule is packed and we are only able to be in each patient's room for 5 mins it is still a nurses responsibility to give undivided attention.

This is something we would want as patients, isn't it?

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