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7 Tips for Night Shift Nurses

Photographer: Maggie Smith

How do I make it through 3, 12 hour night shifts in a row? If it is a new endeavor for you, you might find yourself asking this very question.

Working the night shift can be very rewarding if you go into it thinking positively. Driving home in the morning in the opposite direction of rush hour. The productivity of the middle of the night. The quiet, most of the time, halls.

However, if you aren't prepared you may end up making some very big mistakes. Not only can working the night shift disrupt your day to day life but, it can also disrupt those around you.

The article
7 Tips for Working the Night Shift has some great advice on how to make your night shift position a success. The website Nurse Together is such a great resource. Definitely check it out.

Lucky for many of us, dogs are happy to see us any time of day. And they are more than willing to snuggle up and sleep with us after a long night shift.

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