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"that bellyache will cost you $5,000..... "

Earlier this spring, I was experiencing some pretty decent side cramps. They started on Friday night and lasted all weekend. However, by Monday morning I was feeling much better. BUT, since I had been doubled over for 2 straight days we thought it best that I go in and get things checked out.

Yep, they gave me a CT scan. The results showed that I had only a slightly, enlarged appendix. In any case, they took me by ambulance to the hospital, hubby was not allowed to drive me because of my IV port.

I was at the hospital for a day and a half, had one ultrasound and left with my appendix still intact. The doctor, on call, decided that it wasn't inflamed enough to require surgery. Plus, since Monday morning, I had been feeling great. I just had some tenderness.

My assumption: One VERY large gas bill.

Did they have to perform a CT or would a much cheaper ultrasound sufficed? I am not sure.

Girl Vet from over at
Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse discusses this new "fad" of everyone using CT scans. She asks the questions, "Are we giving too many CT scans? Are hospitals doing so many just because they have access to the machines? Should we be exposing patients all of this excess radiation?

Have you noticed a difference in your hospital? Are there unnecessary tests and procedures performed just because the equipment is handy?

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